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Busy, huh? We know the feeling. But don’t forget, even on a New York Minute, you gotta eat.

That’s where we come in, making it easy for you with our fresh, delicious, and local Mise meal kits. We partner with the best NYC restaurants, delivering their carefully prepped and packaged ingredients straight to your door. It’s like takeout, but way hotter, fresher, and tastier.

Our founder Rob knows the struggle of wanting great food without the hassle of cooking or ordering out every night. He tried every meal kit out there, but none of them hit the spot. That’s when he had a brilliant idea: why not turn restaurant dishes into meal kits?

No more hours spent prepping with ingredients from warehouses. Our chefs give you prepared ingredients, just like in the restaurant’s kitchen. Plus, we won’t force you into a crazy subscription. You can get one meal a week, curated to your taste and easily skipped or canceled.

That’s how EatMise was born: the meal kit made by NYC restaurants for busy New Yorkers. Try it out and fall in love with great food all over again.

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