Galbi Bibimbap

  • 10 min
  • Gluten-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Nut-Free

In Your Mise Box:
Marinated Short Rib*, Assorted Vegetables**, Eggs, Rice, Bibimbap Sauce, Sesame Oil, Sesame Seeds
*also known as Galbi; **spinach, eggplant, carrots, zucchini, radish

From Your Kitchen:
Large Pan (Non-Stick), Cooking Oil, Salt, Pepper

Storage Instructions: Refrigerator (2-3 days)



Galbi Bibimbap

Temporarily unavailable. A popular traditional Korean dish that is nutritious, hearty and savory. Rice topped with Galbi (short rib), freshly cooked vegetables and a fried egg. Banchan included.

Step 1
Heat large pan over low heat; add 1 tbsp oil
Crack egg(s) into pan; cook for ~2 min, or until
the white is opaque (cover with lid if preferred)
Use spatula to move egg(s) onto plate

Step 2
Increase heat level to medium high
Add marinated short rib
Cook and stir for 2-3 min (until meat browns)

Step 3
Place rice in microwaveable bowl
Dampen paper towel with water; place over rice
Microwave on high for 2 min

Step 4
Place cooked egg(s) on top of rice; place short
rib and assorted vegetables* around the egg(s)
*If desired, first heat vegetables with microwave
(1 min on high), or by sautéing in pan

Step 5
If desired, add bibimbap sauce, sesame oil,
and sesame seeds.
Mix thoroughly. Enjoy!