Kashkaval Garden

Skewers with Kale Salad

  • 15-20 min
  • Contains Gluten
  • Contains Dairy
  • Contains Nuts

In Your Mise Box:
Skewers (2 flavors, 4 total - Lamb Kofte, Chicken, Octopus Salmon), Pecorino Romano, Parmesan, Lemon-Shallot Vinaigrette, Walnuts, Organic Kale, Dried Figs

From Your Kitchen:
Large Pan, Baking Pan

Storage Instructions: Refrigerator (2-3 days)


Allergen Info: Chicken marinade contains yogurt; lamb contains gluten; salad contains dairy & nuts



Skewers with Kale Salad

NOTE: Use the dropdown menu to select your skewers. Four total skewers - choose between chicken, lamb kofte, salmon and octopus. Side of organic kale salad - topped with Pecorino Romano, finished with a zesty lemon-shallot vinaigrette.

Step 1 (Lamb Kofte)
(Stove-Top Pan) - Heat pan over medium-high heat (no oil needed)
Cook for 8 min; rotate every min
(Oven) - Preheat oven 375°; roast for 30 min; flip at 15 min mark

Step 1 (Chicken)
(Stove-Top Pan) - Heat pan over medium-low heat (no oil needed)
Cook for 15 min (check that chicken is cooked through); flip every 2 min
(Oven) - Preheat oven 450°; roast for 15 min

Step 1 (Octopus)
(Stove-Top Pan) - Heat pan over medium-low heat (no oil needed)
Cook for 10 min; flip every 2 min
(Oven) - Preheat oven 400°; roast for 10 min

Step 1 (Salmon)
(Oven) - Preheat oven 400°; roast for 10 min

Step 2
Add kale to mixing bowl; add vinaigrette (to
taste) and Parmesan (to taste)
Massage kale thoroughly for 2 min
Let mixture sit to soften kale (about 5 min)

Step 3
Add figs and walnuts; mix well
Plate salad and top with Pecorino Romano

Tip: Use tongs to flip skewers to avoid injury