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Lobster Roll

By Burger & Lobster
$46.00/kit serves 2

Wok Seared Scallops

By Buddha Bar Restaurant
$49.00/kit serves 2

Luke’s Lobster Roll

By Luke's Lobster
$46.00$60.00/kit serves 2

Chili Pepper Shrimp

By Pure Thai
$31.00/kit serves 2

Octopus & “Forbidden Rice”

By L'Adresse
$69.00/kit serves 2

Red Fish Curry

By L'Adresse
$59.00/kit serves 2

Trout Tartare Toast

By Il Fiorista
$29.00/kit serves 2

Cookies – Dozen

By SPOT Dessert Bar
$37.00/kit serves 2

Chili Lobster

By Oiji
$40.00/kit serves 2

Honey Butter Chips

By Oiji
$20.00/kit serves 2

Mushroom Salad

By Oiji
$30.00/kit serves 2

Roasted Salmon

By Etcetera Etcetera
$30.00/kit serves 2

Skewers with choice of Side

By Kashkaval Garden
$29.00$44.00/kit serves 2

Ssam Platter

By Oiji
$35.00/kit serves 2

Truffle Fondue

By Kashkaval Garden
$34.00/kit serves 2