Redefine Home Cooking

If you’re like us, you’re tired - of cooking, of the same few recipes (fried egg on spaghetti counts, right?), and the newly dreaded grocery trip sanitization process. At Mise, we’re challenging the status quo. We’ve invented a new way for you to cook that is easy, affordable and exciting.

Every Mise box you order comes with mise-en-place – premium, pre-prepped ingredients straight from your local restaurants. Premium, as in access to exclusive ingredients usually only available for restaurants; pre-prepped, as in no more chopping onions – we figured we’d outsource that to the pros. Just follow a few simple steps and enjoy a restaurant-grade meal, fresh from your own kitchen!

Support Local

Like you, we know that restaurants are the heart and soul of our thriving city. They’re in need of a new revenue stream, and high commissions from delivery services aren’t helping. By purchasing Mise boxes, you’re giving our local restaurants a new lifeline by helping them compete in the rapidly growing “home cooking” market. Because restaurants have access to premium ingredients for much cheaper, they’re able to pass those savings onto us while still making a profit. Plus, where else will you get your favorite restaurant’s secret sauce?

More Than a Meal Kit

Have a date you need to impress?
Inviting friends over for a special occasion?

We help transform your home kitchen into a professional one. Dazzle your guests with restaurant tier meals cooked by you. Single? Add ‘cooking’ to your dating profile and prepare to wow.
Are you a beginner cook? Intimidated by your own kitchen?
We’ve been there. Cooking can be a rite of passage for many city dwellers who survive off restaurant takeout. We partner with restaurants to offer a natural transition by taking care of the hard parts, leaving just the fun parts for you!