Jones Wood Foundry

Roasted Chicken *TUE/WED Orders*

  • 25 min
  • Contains Gluten
  • Contains Dairy
  • Contains Nuts

In Your Mise Box:
Chicken breasts & thighs, Mashed Potatoes, Carrots & Compound Butter, Stuffing*, Chicken Gravy, Flour, Butter, Finishing Salt, Vegetable Oil, Fried Parsley

*Stuffing contains chestnut, sage, onion, apple & pork sausage

From Your Kitchen:
Oven-Safe Pan, Medium Pan, Small Pot, Tongs, Salt & Pepper

Storage Instructions: Refrigerator (1-2 days)


Roasted Chicken *TUE/WED Orders*

A roast chicken dinner with honey roasted carrots, chestnut & sage stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and topped with fried parsley. The perfect Sunday evening roast dinner!

Step 1
Preheat oven to 350º F
Season chicken w/ salt & pepper liberally on both sides
Heat large oven-safe pan over med-high heat; add 2/3 of oil
Heat for about 1 min or until oil is hot

Step 2
Place chicken thigh, skin side down for 1 min
Then, place chicken breast, skin side down for 4 min
Place pan w/ chicken breast & thigh into oven for ~15 min (~10-15 min)
Check to make sure chicken is cooked through

Step 3
Heat medium pan over medium heat; add 1/3 of oil
Lightly flour stuffing on top & bottom only (no sides)
Add stuffing to pan; cook until brown on both sides (~5 min per side)

Step 4
Place mashed potatoes and carrots & compound butter in microwave safe dishes
Microwave ~90 sec each
Mix mashed potatoes (to spread heat & fluff up)

Step 5
Plate mashed potatoes and stuffing next to each other
Plate chicken thigh on top of stuffing
Plate chicken breast leaning on mashed potatoes
Plate carrots next to or on top of chicken breast

Step 6
Heat small pot over medium heat
Add chicken gravy and bring to a simmer
Add butter into gravy & mix til sauce shines (~15 sec)
Spoon gravy over chicken breast

Step 7
Garnish with fried parsley and finishing salt