Reinventing the way people connect through food

Redefining Home Cooking

At Mise, we’re challenging the status quo. We’re introducing a new way for you to cook that is easy, affordable and exciting.


Every Mise box you order comes with mise en place; premium, pre-prepped ingredients straight from your local restaurants. From their kitchen to your kitchen means less prep and less waste. Just follow a few simple steps and enjoy a restaurant-grade meal, fresh from your own kitchen!


Like you, we know that restaurants are the heart and soul of our thriving city. They can often experience high commissions from various delivery services. By purchasing Mise boxes, you’re directly supporting your local restaurants and also experiencing their food in a new way.

Because restaurants have access to fresh & premium ingredients, they’re able to pass the savings onto us. Who knows, you might even learn how to make your favorite restaurant’s secret sauce!


Inviting friends over for a special occasion?

Become a pro chef. Dazzle your guests with restaurant quality meals cooked by you. Single? Add ‘cooking’ to your dating profile and prepare to wow.

Are you a beginner cook? Intimidated by your own kitchen?

We’ve been there. Cooking can be hard. So we made it easy. By partnering with restaurants, all you have to do is heat up the pan, throw in the ingredients and plate!

Are you environmentally conscious?
We are too. Our packaging is designed to be eco-friendly and minimalistic. Pre-measured ingredients, means less food waste, means a happier Earth!