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Established in 2009, fairycakes takes a simple approach to desserts and life – be happy and indulge. Owner and baker Brian prides himself on quality that you can taste, picture-perfect icing jobs, and creating unique and exciting flavors like S’Mores and PB & J. Using only the best ingredients, sourcing organic whenever possible, and skipping nasty things like shortening and artificial flavors, fairycakes is sure to make your day all that much sweeter.


Established in 2014, Wanna-E was founded by four food enthusiasts from Mandalay, Myanmar. Chefs Coco, William, Zin, and Catherine craft bold and soulful delicacies, using family recipes and secret spice blends passed down for generations. The mission of these four friendly foodies is to deliver authentic food from their hometown of Mandalay to food lovers all over California. Hailed as “some of the best Burmese food” in town, Wanna-E was named by the San Francisco Chronicle as one of the 20 best food trucks in the Bay Area, just five months after they opened for business.

Street Fusion

Street Fusion is all about healthy eating. Owners Steve and Vu are here to make your health goals more achievable and a whole lot more delicious! Every entree from Street Fusion is balanced, nutritious, and designed to power you through the rest of the day, with at least 25 grams of protein in each meal.

Smoked Out BBQ

Smoked Out BBQ has some of the best barbeque in the Bay Area – and we’re talking about proper, pit-smoked meat with a dry rub, slow cooked for hours in a smoker under hickory and apple wood. Devoted to the art of barbecue, pit masters Will & James pour their heart into every batch, waiting patiently for hours on end for just the right time to flip, serve, and cut. Everything, including their signature sauce, is made from scratch daily to ensure that every bite is finger-licking good.

It’s All Gravy

Chefs and owners Aaron & Don dreamed up It’s All Gravy only 8 months ago and they’ve been a raging success since. Taking classic Asian comfort foods like Japanese fried chicken and adding a modern twist, It’s All Gravy features a variety of culinary traditions in every dish. And true to their name, they whip up their own special gravy to tie their ingredient together.

Mama Liu

Featured in the World Street Journal and seen on KTSF, Mama Liu is a favorite amongst South Bay residents. As the Bay Area’s first and foremost Taiwanese mobile food business, Mama Liu is highly regarded as one of the pioneers in the space. Known best for their bento boxes and fermented tofu, Chef George Fan and his mother (Mama Liu herself) have been serving up authentic Taiwanese classics for years.

Chef Maria del Carmen

Chef Maria’s love for cooking started at the age of 6, when she sold pupusas with her mother on the streets in El Salvador. Her passion drove her on a 30-year-long trip around Central America to master the cuisines of Guatemala, Oaxaca, and Mexico. Maria came to the US with $20 in her pocket and the dream of starting her own business. Today, Maria sells her signature yucca and plantain chips in over 150 stores and cooks the dishes from her childhood and travels at farmers’ markets all over the Bay Area.

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Chef Ray Serrano

Founder of “The Intimate Chef,” Chef Ray specializes in Asian Fusion cuisine and creating a personal, customized private party experience. Inspired by his Filipino parents’ cooking, he pursued his culinary dreams at California Culinary Academy. Chef Ray has cooked for the guests of Waikiki Beach Marriott, served up delectable seafood at Duke’s Canoe Club, and catered to a wide clientele with Guckenheimer.

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